Tips to Write an Impressive Proposal Essay

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Are you wondering, “Who can paraphrasing tool?” Well, you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will get an insight into proposal essay writing that will make you stand out from the rest of the class. 

  • 1. Select a Catchy Topic 

Topic selection is the first hurdle that you must overcome. Now, if you are thinking, “Who can  assignment help Sydney?" you are being hasty. All you have to do is scour through magazines, newspapers, blog posts, etc. For instance, you can write about 'COVID-19 Scenario in September'. As you can see, the topic is trending, and everyone would be captivated to update their knowledge. 

  • 2. State the Proposal and Plan of Action 

Commence with a catchy introduction. You can share facts or quotes. Following this, you need to state the purpose of the proposal. For instance, ‘One must practice meditation as it yield marked changes in electrical brain wave such as alpha, theta, and beta waves’. And, you need to state the existing study and the research methods. 

  • 3. Incorporate Updated Information 

Just stating your thoughts won't suffice. You have to justify the statements in your proposal essay. For instance, in the COVID-19 topic, you should present statistics on the death rates due to contamination, state of economy and sales. AGLC Referencing Generator You can even provide charts, graphs and tables to illustrate your opinion. And, you must cite each of the sources. If you are not familiar with the referencing style, just use an online referencing generator. 

  • 4. State the Solutions

Once you complete writing the analysis section, state the solutions that you think are fit for the context. For example, for COVID-19, you can shed light on the lockdown importance, personal hygiene, safe transaction methods, business tactics companies need to adopt, etc. Furthermore, you can stress upon online solutions. It is advisable that you mention more than one solution as alternatives. 

  • 5. Conclusion 

This is the section where you wrap up the essay. State the crucial points and highlight the thesis statement (proposal) to showcase your final stand on the matter. You can inform the readers about the future scope of research, and the limitations in the study. In case you are thinking, "Who can do my assignment?” you can ask your teachers to assist you

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