Madden 22: New Things We Learned About Scouting

As the release date of Madden 22 approaches, we now have learned more about the scouting function that will be added to the franchise mode this year

As the release date of Madden 22 approaches, we now have learned more about the scouting function that will be added to the franchise mode this year.

The NFL draft process may look better than ever in Madden 22, and here are all the new things we learned about Scouting and other franchise mode updates.

One of the biggest information revealed in EA Play Live: Spotlight Series for Madden 22 is that they are currently planning three major updates to Franchise after the game is released.

Reconnaissance is expected to be part of the first one, and it still has a non-specific release window of September 2021, which is the one we learned the most this time.

No other potential content in the update was discussed, but it was mentioned that the rhythm used by Madden 21 to abandon the three major franchise updates may still apply to Madden 22.

We can look back at the release of Madden 21 to see when things started to go down, and last year’s first Gridiron Notes on the upcoming franchise update was released on September 3, 2020

Afterwards, Madden 21 released a full franchise update on November 10, January 6, and March 3, and the accompanying grid notes delved into what was added or changed each time.

The first part of Madden 22 will be chattering in September. We can see that these dates have accelerated this time, and we hope that each one will be two months earlier than last year.

Although the first part of EA Play Live: Madden 22's spotlight series was a bit of an understatement in details, things ultimately boil down to brass tacks and reveal a lot of information about what is about to happen this year.

The first thing discussed was a way to hope that Scouting would become more approachable, as they have eliminated the points-based system used in previous years.

In the franchise, players will no longer be pushed to spend their scouting points immediately or risk losing them every week, because this time things will operate in a broader way, allowing some autonomous driving to happen.

The new Scouting system will try to keep user preferences open, which means you should be able to pay as much attention to Scouting as possible when playing franchise according to your choice.

Most importantly, Scouting preferences will be set at the beginning of the franchise in the first week of the preseason, rather than being postponed to a few weeks after the start of the season.

Most of the Scouting upgrade this year will also depend on how they redesign and integrate the NFL draft, including part of the process, such as mock drafts.

Scouting is the key to the NFL team, but it is actually just the tool that caused the biggest event of the offseason: the NFL draft.

This year, Madden 22’s goal is to integrate it more with Scouting, and the potential draft committee actually represents what the world’s media production looks like.

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