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To the back of your trademark newspaper printing approach difference comparing:

True smoke a cigarette "yellow leaf" font stroke is okay, on your back of a flip fringe has oblique incision; Incorrect cigarette "gold leaf" font wide, flip backside edge incision is definitely flat.

Comparison with anti-counterfeiting differences topside of the box:

Real smoke working with anodized ranking hot anti-counterfeiting, three-dimensional sensation is Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online formidable, anti-counterfeiting involved with the "gold leaf" font plus pattern; Imitation cigarette ranking hot anti-counterfeiting fluffy, anti-counterfeiting at the center without "gold leaf" font plus pattern.

Compact box backside steel stamps difference comparing:

True smoke a cigarette steel Cigarettes Hot Sale printer is product dynamic printer, the over-all steel printer is very clear, there will be deep plus shallow, the spacing is special, and each one steel printing is likewise Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes Online different pigments, the posture is previously the "gold leaf" font; A fake vapor smoke stamp is definitely manual static impress, the stamps is cursory and fluffy, and the positioning is listed below the "registered trademark" font.

Vapor smoke filter span comparison:

True cigarettes employ a single white vinegar fiber pool filter tip, longer versus the fake vapor smoke filter rule.

Difference comparing of trim tobacco:

Real tobacco trim width is definitely uniform, using tobacco loose, high gloss oil dampen good, lime yellow, including less destroyed; The imitation tobacco a silk duvet making approach is uncertain, the coloring and luster is definitely dark plus dull, possesses more destroyed pieces.